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Cake, drinks, and flowers: there are a whole host of things to manage for any wedding. And for lasting memories of your special day, wedding photography albums play a crucial part - so it is essential to consider what impression you want your album to make and what you want it to include. I am a Houston wedding photographer and photography, especially wedding photography, is something that is constantly running through my mind; in fact, it’s my passion. More than my passion, we at Fernando Weberich Wedding Photography, put our hearts and souls into our pictures, which bring out all of the important moments that touch one’s heart and soul. We aim to capture and inspire more and more viewers on this journey of our lives.

Photo by Carlynne Welch.

Photo by Carlynne Welch.

There is a saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We truly wish to capture your most anticipated day with creativity and convert it into the fairy tale of your dreams. We photograph weddings in and around Houston and we are also available for destination weddings as well. So, if you intend to get your wedding brilliantly captured with elegance, authenticity and emotion, then you are almost there. Our wedding albums highlight the beauty of the bride and groom and will excite anyone else when they look at them and imagine how their own special day could look. I am a professional photographer, and it took me quite some time to figure out my niche in a photography field wherein I fit perfectly. This field has let me capture beautiful people and their amazingly special moments.

We are all inspired by something in our lives, and my work with lens techniques that lend to creativity in my photography will show my inspiration always comes from the emotions between the couples I photograph. Subsequently, crafting vivid stories through the click of my camera, I have found my calling among Houston wedding photographers. Traditionally, wedding photography albums bring into play more gold or silver with an effect. And the layout of the albums generally remains common across the board, though there is a great difference in what a modern day wedding album looks like in comparison to previous generation wedding albums. The classic album layout includes a bride portrayed in her gown and pictures of the wedding couple, usually with a picturesque backdrop. These portraits are typically followed by the entire wedding ceremony pictures, with all of the beautiful guests dressed up, all of whom play an important part in the ceremony activities. The wedding album is incomplete without pictures of the bride with her bridesmaids and so is the groom without his best men.

As a wedding photographer, I love to create a particular mood and add a touch of artistic stroke along with the creativeness of my lens. I focus more on authentically portraying the love, relationships, and emotions through my work, which will make your wedding photographs the central part of your wedding ceremony and your memories throughout the years. Our pictures are shot in a way that allows each photo to tell a story. And, best of all, photography packages are priced very reasonably. Come and help us create the most beautiful memories of your life. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But your story is priceless.