Priscila & Jose Luis - Trash the dress and Bridal photographer in Houston/TX, going through White Sands/NM, Death Valley/CA and San Francisco/CA

Two years after Priscila & Jose Luis's wedding in Houston/TX we decided that it was time to make her Trash The Dress session that we were talking about for almost 2 years now. So we decided to do a trip to The Wild West. When we first talked about the idea we thought about shooting only in San Francisco/CA, but after some talk we decided that, if we would travel that far we wanted to go to other locations to shoot also, and after some google search we found that it would be a good idea to go to White Sands National Monument in Alamogordo/NM. When we got there we entered the Welcome Center to get some information on where to go. After we decided what spots to use for the shooting we drove down the main entrance to the park. Right away you can see how magical is the place, how unique and beautiful is it's sunset with a shade of magenta. Check the photos below.

Alamogordo/NM, Priscila and Jose (Wicho) Luis running in the sands of WHITE SANDS National Monument.

I love this portrait. Such a peaceful place.

Observe the magenta hue in the sky.

After finishing the photos at White Sands we stayed at Albuquerque/NM for the night  and headed out to Grand Canyon. It took us several ours or driving to get there, but it was worth it. Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Wonders of the world, and I got to tell you this place is so beautiful as it is big. You could simply stay in one place all day long enjoying the view. The place where we stopped is called The Desert View and they have a Watch tower that is awesome to use for portraits, but here we decided only to enjoy and take a couple of shots of Priscila and Wicho just for fun.

We left Grand Canyon after sunset and headed out to Las Vegas/NV with a quick stop to get some Mexican food. We arrived at Las Vegas about 3am, rested and then headed out to Death Valley...

...and finally on our way to San Francisco we crossed Yosemite at night and arrived in San Francisco at about 2am the next day. The next morning we went to Fisherman's Warf and had lunch there, then a boat ride that went below The Golden Gate Bridge and passed by the Alcatraz Island.

Alcatraz Island.

In that afternoon we decided to go and scout for places near the Golden Gate Bridge to do our shooting and decided to get the shots at Baker Beach because the location was perfect for our initial idea. After deciding for the location we had to hurry (It was almost 6pm) and find a flower shop to get a beautiful Bouquet to use specifically for the shooting the next day. With the flowers in hand and everything set we went for one last night of sleep before the final shooting at Baker Beach.

We started our shooting at about 4:30pm the next day and for our surprise it was cold and fog started coming from the Pacific and after a few one hour it engulfed the entire bay, we had to hurry to get some shots before we ran out of light.

Look how the flowers pop out in this Portrait of Priscila.

Fog ruined our plans for a sunset shot at the beach, but we ended up having a very unique shot with this pose!

And finally, the place where we got to Trash the Dress.

I can't say enough how happy I was to work with Priscila and Jose Luis in this trip, they were amazing, there wouldn't be a pose they were not up to. Now they get to enrich their wedding album with these photos in a few of the most beautiful and romantic places in United States, and I got to be behind the camera. LOVE IT!

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