Michelle & Vale's wedding - Bentwater Yacht & Country Club, Montgomery/TX - September 22nd of 2012

I met Michelle and Vale a few weeks ago. They didn't have a photographer for their wedding yet and liked the photo-journalistic style of my work. Since we only had 2 weeks and a half to work on the photos we immediately scheduled an engagement photo session in Galveston, TX, and started working on some ideas for the Guest Signature book that would be displayed at their wedding reception. We got to Galveston on a Saturday at 7:30 am and started our photo session. Wind was an issue and the sun didn't want to show up that morning at all, but we still got a few good shots, and we finished the shooting one hour after we started.

After that we decided that we definitely needed more photos for our design and went for another photo session in downtown Houston, TX on a Wednesday afternoon, and right when we started shooting the rain came down really hard on us. We waited for about 90 minutes but we simply ran out of light when the rain stopped, so we had to schedule the Downtown photos for two days later and guess what happened: rain again! We had barely started our session and water dropped down on us again, so we made the best of it and just started shooting in the rain. I had to put down my Phase One P45+ digital back and run to my car so I could get my Nikon D4 + the 70-200mm 2.8 VR II, and started getting some photos of Michelle and Vale in the very cooperative Houston weather. After a brief conversation we decided that we still didn't have enough photos for the Guest Book design and scheduled another session two days later, on a Sunday afternoon at Hermann Park, where finally we got a little sun to work with us.

The sun refused to come out and the wind was strong, but we worked with it. Galveston,TX, 8:00 am.


Rain didn't stop us from shoot. At least we can say we had a different photo that wasn't planned.

Vale and Michelle's wedding day (September 22, 2012) on the other hand, was a perfect warm and sunny day at Bentwater Yacht & Country Club in Montgomery,TX. Everything ran perfectly smooth that day (I know what you're thinking, but we didn't have any rain that day...thank God). The ceremony location was perfect and the reception room overlooking Lake Conroe was impeccably beautiful.

I am so happy that I got to meet Michelle and Vale and be the photographer for their wedding and had the pleasure to work at Bentwater Yacht & Country Club. Such a beautiful place, very hard working staff, simply perfect. I will leave the rest of the story for the photos to tell you!