Villa Capri wedding photography of Ashlee + Desmond - by Houston wedding photographer Fernando Weberich

Ashlee and Desmond got married in Seabrook, March 23, 2013, at Villa Capri. Here is a little about them. Text by Christee Kahn, photos by Fernando Weberich.

It was a beautiful evening in November of 2009. Ashlee Kahn (now Danos), a beautiful, single, and intelligent 26 year old with short blonde hair and a smile that lights up a room had just moved to Dallas, TX for a new job. She was meeting up with some of her new friends for cocktails at Sherlock’s Pub & Grill and had no idea her life on this night would forever be changed. Ashlee was enjoying her surroundings; listening to music, laughing with her friends, when she feels a tap on her right shoulder. She turned around to find a handsome, clean cut, brown haired blue eyed 28 year old man standing in front of her. Before she could say anything, and without introduction, he asks “is that a bird on your shoulder?” Ashlee, used to the bevy of men that would approach her, and uninterested in meeting someone at the bar, looked back at him and said, “Yes, now fly away” and she dismissed him. The man, Desmond Danos, a resident of Seabrook, TX, was persistent on meeting her, but walked away as he knew this wouldn’t be the last time he saw her. He went back to where his friends were and grabbed a drink. The two were separately enjoying their evening, drinking with friends, only a few seats away from each other. Desmond could not take his eyes off Ashlee and did whatever he could to grab her attention. And finally, it worked! After a few short hours, and an abundance of alcohol, Ashlee found herself sitting on his lap! The two were inseparable from that point on. Their love was so robust and intense that the two decided to move in together only 8 months later. Ashlee left her new job in Dallas, packed up her then 7 year old daughter, Alana (Alee) and herself and moved to Seabrook to start an amazing new life with Desmond.

Ashlee, born and raised in San Antonio, comes from a family of all girls. She is the oldest of 4, and has 3 younger sisters that are triplets. The triplets; Chelsee, Courtnee, and Christee are only 18 months apart from Ashlee. The sisters in this family are inseparable. They hold a strong lasting bond with one another and tell each other they love each other numerous times a day. You would think the 4 are quadruplets if you saw them in a lineup. More than anything, the sisters have stuck together and experienced harder times than most. In April of 2000, their father was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was given only a short few months to live. The girls stayed by his bedside; laughed, cried, reminisced with him, and enjoyed every minute of his time as they didn’t know when it would be their last. The one thing the girls asked of their Dad was to ensure he sent them a sign so they knew he made it to Heaven.

Tragedy struck in September 2000. Their father, Thomas (Tommy) Kahn, had passed away and went to be with the Lord. The girls were devastated. The father who had been a huge part of their life was gone forever. He would miss the birthdays, the high school graduations, the weddings, and most of all, their children. Their mother, Karrie Kahn, a single mom with 4 girls is one of the strongest women you will ever meet. She sat her girls down and broke the terrible news about their father. Karrie was not with their father when he passed, but spoke to his family who told her he had died peacefully.

Tommy, a true cowboy, and an avid hunter with a passion for woodworking, the outdoors, and countryside, lived in Pipe Creek, TX. He died at 47 years of age in his home in his bed with his brothers and sisters and mother and father by his side. The family told Karrie that when Tommy took his last breath - a deer, his white cat named Angel, a red cardinal, and a white winged dove came to the window near his bed.

Alee contemplating her mother's dress.

That evening, after telling the girls of their father, Karrie tucked them all in her bed, cried with them, and then prayed to the Lord to send her and her girls a sign so that they knew their father made it to Heaven.

The next morning, the girls woke up heartbroken and tried to imagine their lives and their future without their father. Karrie started to make breakfast and noticed something unusual outside in the backyard. She stopped, ran to the blinds, and pulled them open. What she saw was completely abnormal, but absolutely remarkable. She hurried the girls over to witness what was happening. A slew of white winged doves about an inch apart from each other aligned their fence line. The doves sat there and faced the window where the girls were looking out. One or two would fly away at a time and more would come back and perch on the fence. It was a phenomenon. The family had never seen anything like this in their lives. The doves stayed perched on the fence for well over 20 minutes and as the girls stared out the window, the flock of doves flew off together all at once. That moment was one that the girls and family will never forget. They knew the sign was from the Lord and from their father showing he had made it to Heaven.

The girls continue to face difficult times in their lives, growing up without their father, but have made it through with the help of their Mom and the help of the doves. The doves continue to stay with the family throughout their life. They appear at the most random and also most difficult of times. They see them flying by their car, in the trees outside, and walking on the sidewalk. They make an appearance at the most appropriate of times and the girls say they know in their hearts and in their mind that this sign is from their father.

Ashlee’s dove tattoo comes from this story. She got the tattoo after her father passed as a symbol of his life after death. Ashlee believes her new husband, Desmond was sent to her by her father. When they first met, Desmond was drawn to the tattoo on her back and this was how their love story first began.

Ashlee walking down the aisle with her uncles.

Ashlee and her three sisters!

One last portrait with friends at Maribelle's bar.