A&M Campus engagement photography of Meghan + Brett by Fernando Weberich - Houston Wedding Photographer

Meghan and Brett both came to Texas A&M in August 2005, and hung out with the same group of friends all year. However, their paths did not cross until May 2006 when Meghan went to see a friend who happened to live in the same dorm as Brett. They met that night when Brett came to his room to get some milk out of the fridge. He asked if he could hang out with Meghan that night, and then he called Meghan every day until the semester ended a week later. They started dating about two weeks after that and dated all the way through college. Around the time they graduated college Meghan became very sick and found out that she had problems with her liver and kidneys. Brett took care of her for over a year and took her back and forth to doctor’s appointments until they could figure out the right combination of medicine. They traveled to Europe for the first time together in September 2012, and Brett proposed at the top of the Eiffel tower.