Chateau Cocomar – A Houston wedding venue where you can create great wedding photos easily

Not too long ago I was hired to take photos of a wedding in Houston, Texas. Although I am primarily a Houston wedding photographer that usually works in Houston area I am also a destination wedding photographer and I am always happy when I have an interview with people that plan to have a wedding in different city or even state. The interview with Esperanza and Kyle went smoothly and we have agreed about all the details regarding photography. From the style of wedding photography to the period when I would be taking the photos. The only thing I was unfamiliar with was the venue where the wedding took place. That’s why I left there earlier and performed some research. It is always a good idea to get to an unfamiliar venue earlier to check all the angles, lighting etc. The ceremony would be held at The Holy Rosary Church in downtown Houston and the reception would be at Chateau Cocomar (a venue that hadn't shot at before). Luckily, the venue was perfect for wedding photography. Chateaur Cocomar in Houston, Texas looks like a venue that was specially designed to satisfy the needs of a wedding photographer.

The wedding reception started in the Verona Foyer. Although I took some photos outside on the parking lot when the newlyweds were entering Chateau Cocomar, this was the place where I had to be fully focused because guests usually take photos with the couple in the entrance hall. Verona foyer is actually a beautiful looking library arranged in neoclassical style. It is so easy to make good photos with surroundings like this. I took two pictures of each group of guests with the couple.

After that the ceremony continued in the Salle de Versailles. This is probably the most beautiful ballroom in Chateau Cocomar because it is spacious and provides unique atmosphere – an atmosphere which Houston wedding photographers rarely have. This feeling was certainly produced by the old European ambiance that can be felt all over the ballroom. The walls are hand painted and decorated with golden motifs. There are also murals all over the place as well as beautiful marble floors and big crystal chandeliers. Overall, the place is very unique and beautiful.

They also have another ballroom called Salle de Valencay. The best features of this ballroom are the gold and crystal chandeliers and the skylight which dominates the space. They really create a fairy tale atmosphere. Of course, I couldn’t resist and took few photos with the newlyweds there too.

Since the weather was fine, I’ve decided to take some photos outside too. Chateau Cocomar is equally spectacular on the outside as it is inside and it was really easy to take some amazing photos with the bridal party and portraits with the bride and groom. The WakeCo Jardin is placed in the center of the chateau and it actually represents an European garden with certain American elements. This is the picture that goes in front of the guests’ eyes when they arrive at the ceremony.

I have years of experience as a Houston wedding photographer and I’ve been dealing with all sort of photography- destination wedding photography, Houston bridal photography etc. Chateau Cocomar is definitely one of the most beautiful places I ever worked with and the event went smoothly with the Event coordination by Dede Raad, and catering done by Cafe Natalie (the food was amazing by the way).

Below, is the complete photo gallery including the amazing engagement session we did with the couple. Loved their outfits :)

Spanish conquistador outfit :)

Gotta get one of this for myself :)

Flowers by Fresh Flowers Decor

The wedding ceremony was celebrated at the Holy Rosary Church in Downtown Houston, TX.

Outside view of Chateau Cocomar: A Wedding photographer's dream

Flowers and decoration by Fresh Flowers Decor

Cake made by Edible Designs By Jessie

Tapation Fransisco's Mariachi band.