Capturing the love in a bouquet - A classic arrangement for a holy matrimony

Your wedding will singlehandedly be the most memorable, romantic day of your life. This celebration of love is an introduction to the next chapter in your life, but planning this day isn’t a piece of cake. Unless they choose to elope, a married couple-to-be knows that there are numerous elements to a wedding. It’s a given that the exchanging of vows is what makes the guests reach for the handkerchiefs, but if you ask any wedding planner, the flowers are what make a huge impact on the big day. Australian florist Kate Dawes explains that “not only do they provide colour and scent, but they symbolize life, growth, and rebirth”. One bad arrangement could ruin the aura of the event, and could be forever captured in the wedding photos.

As the bride is the primary center of attention, she should be weary of the arrangements, particularly the arrangement of her bouquet. Not every bride is expected to be a floral expert, but that doesn’t mean everything should be left up to the florist. If not the arrangement itself, the bride should pick out the main flower, the star of the bouquet. Real Simple outlines what exactly should be asked when discussing flowers. If at that point she still is undecided, a rose would still exude the romance of the matrimony. It’s traditional and sentimental.

Roses hail as the most amorous of all flowers, but nothing emanates perfection quite like the avalanche rose. The size, the length, and the colour make it the most majestic of its kind.

Every component of this rose embodies the symbolic union of two people in love. From the length of the stem, the heavenly colour of the petals, and flawless bloom, this one-of-a-kind rose is a timeless classic for the big day. It brings royalty to any special occasion. Nothing is truly more special than a wedding.

Romantic wedding bouquets comprising of both pink sweet and white avalanche roses.

While love may not see gender, color, or age, true love can be found in a bride’s bouquet. 

Image from Marks and Spencer.