Downtown Houston and Hermann Park engagement photography of Rachel + Ben - by Houston wedding photographer Fernando Weberich

Engagement photo sessions are supposed to be fun and full of energy. There's always something special about every couple, but Ben and Rachel took it to another level...they were always smiling and ready to do whatever was necessary to get great shots.

Here's a little about Ben & Rachel's story, as told by Ben.

 "The first time Rachel and I talked was over the telephone.  A friend of mine, named Jocelyn, had recently moved from Oklahoma, where I live, to Houston, Texas.  One day, a few months after the move, I called Jocelyn.  "What are you doing?" I asked her.  "I'm hanging out with my friend, Rachel," she answered.  Feeling rather bold, and maybe a little cocky, I said to her, "Well, put her on the phone!"  Jocelyn handed Rachel the phone. "Hey Rachel!" I blurted.  "Hello," she responded.  Now I couldn't quite remember if I had met Rachel before or not.  I often meet people and promptly forget who they are.  Thinking that may be the case again in this situation, I tactfully asked, "Rachel, are we friends?"  "No," she returned.  Ouch.  My conversational journey just took a wrong turn, and my former boldness was in ruins.  I was starting to look for an exit strategy.  Just as I was about to jump the conversational ship Rachel said brightly, "But we can be future friends!"

"A short moment of silence from my end of the line.  Future friends?  What was that?  "So we are not friends now, but we will be in the future.  Is that right?" I asked.  "Yes," she cheerfully replied.  Well, it sounded like a new one to me, but since she was so kindly rescuing me from my current face-in-the-dirt position, I promptly accepted.  "Yes!  We can definitely be future friends!" I replied and that ended our first talk.  We didn't meet in person or even speak to each other for four months after that initial moment on the phone.

"In March I attended a weekend dance event in Houston.  Dancers rolled into the Bayou City from a plethora of different places.  The dance company I was with in Oklahoma also came.  I was dutifully going through the event registration lines on Friday afternoon when a pretty girl with dark curls approached me.  She shook my hand and said, "I'm your future friend, Rachel"  She had the brightest smile on her face, and I had no idea who she was.  Future friend?  Then it all started coming together.  There were about 3 levels of realization for me.  Level 1)  Oh!  This was the girl I embarrassed myself with while on the phone.  2)  Oh, we agreed to be future friends which might mean I am now a friend of this girl.  3) OH!  Jocelyn never told me she was pretty!  REALLY pretty.  My previous conversation failure was now more painful than ever.  We didn't speak for very long after her introduction.  I was not quick to speak up again after my previous hasty attempts at friend-making.  Over the course of the weekend, however, we did speak again.  We agreed that we were no longer future friends but that we had progressed to actual friends.  Considering how attractive she was, that was definitely good news.  We began corresponding through Facebook messages.  I asked for her phone number four months later and at 5 months we went on our first date.  I asked her to marry me 11 months after we first met face-to-face.  When we marry in July, it will be 15 months from that first initial meeting.  In the Bible, the number 5 means "grace".  Our relationship has been 3 sets of 5.  It has been 5 months messaging, 5 months dating, and a 5 month engagement.  Grace, grace, and more grace.  Rachel is such a blessing in my life.  When I think that our relationship has been for 15 months, and how amazing my bride-to-be is, it all adds up."