Chateau Polonez wedding photography - Husna + Rizwan - Indian Wedding by Houston Wedding Photographer Fernando Weberich

Two months ago I had the pleasure of shooting another Indian wedding in Houston. This time was Husna & Rizwan's wedding. The ceremony was at the Islamic Da'wah Center in Downtown Houston, TX and the wedding reception was at Chateau Polonez in Cypress, TX.

Wedding photography and engagement photography by Fernando Weberich.

Husna and Rizwan at Rice University in Houston, TX

A few words about the couple, as told by the groom:

We live in busy times. We have projects, deadlines, exams, reviews, and are constantly driven by our ambitions. Enter my wife, Husna, a modern women in all respects. With no shortage of passion and drive, she worked tirelessly at the University of Houston School of Architecture to not only build skyscrapers but to design whole cities. This urge to create picturesque yet sustainable environments took her across the Atlantic to the prestigious Architectural Association School of Architecture in cosmopolitan London.

And then there’s me. I’m New Jersey born. I grew up in the crowded New York City Metropolitan suburb of Lodi, NJ. As a kid I remember watching TV doctors save the world through one Clooney-esque act of heroism after another. I held on to that sense of idealism throughout college at Rutgers University and it served me well as I went on to medical school in Antigua and all over the Northeast.

Caught up in our professional pursuits, we both found ourselves missing something big. We both wanted companionship but didn’t the have time or patience for the dating game and being setup. Out of necessity, and at the behest of friends and family, we ventured online in search of that special someone.
Husna being that sophisticated modern professional women she is the suitors lined up at the door and one after another they seemed to lack that spark. And here I come, a 3rd year medical student surrounded by cornfields and cows in Lincoln, Nebraska. One day I came across a profile with little except a picture of a radiant smile and a gut feeling. July 3rd 2012 I wrote Husna for the first time. After weeks of emails then phone calls we finally saw each other face-to-face…via Skype. It seems we had ourselves a transatlantic connection. It wasn’t rainbows, butterflies, and fireworks but there was an energy and undeniable security we took from each other’s words. We took a leap of faith that September when I flew out to Houston to meet Husna and her family for the first time. It was a journey like no other- the purpose of my mission to find a companion for life.

I walked out of the gate at Bush Intercontinental to be greeted by that smile that I grew so fond of seeing on the screen of my laptop. Finally we were in 3D. From the moment I set eyes on her and till the moment her smile left, my gaze I knew I had found the one. It would be another 3 months until our families finally met and in March of 2013 we were engaged to be married. During our year long engagement, we learned each others likes & dislikes and began to feel out each other’s temperament. It was a tenuous time for both of us; Husna on the job hunt and me working through my clinical years, taking board exams, and applying for medical residency. We both were grateful to have the companionship during that time. Our love began to take root in the struggles of one another and during this period we began to trust and have faith in a future together.

One week before our wedding, I came out to Houston from New Jersey to open up my residency acceptance letter with my wife-to-be and we were thrilled to get my first choice in Augusta, GA. One short week later our two year long adventure as two ambitious twenty-somethings came to a close. Hand-in-hand we started writing a new chapter as Mr. & Mrs. Shaikh on March 28th, 2014. The ceremony was conducted at the Islamic Dawah Center in historic downtown Houston. Our Muslim wedding was accentuated by

Gujarati, Madrassi, and Banglori (Indian) cultural flavors and between the ceremony, Mendhi, and reception our families and friends shared in the happiest days our lives. The entire experience all felt destined to be with how seamless our families and friends embraced each other. The certainty of it all was a sign that we were meant to be.
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Night view of Chateau Polonez in Cypress, TX

Fernando Weberich and Lawrence Moody at Husna & Riswan's wedding at Chateau Polonez