Bridal photo session at Raveneaux Country Club, Spring, TX - Kayla Reynolds by Houston Wedding photographer Fernando Weberich

Last week I had the pleasure to shoot for the first time at the Raveneaux Country Club in Spring, TX, for the Bridal Session of Kayla Reynolds.

In my opinion as a Houston Wedding Photographer, Raveneaux Country club is an amazing place, with one of the most beautiful Golf courses I've ever seen. It's amid the tall trees of Champion Forest, with a perfectly manicured golf course and with 60,000 square feet of French elegance and American casualness. With an amazing Ballroom with floor to ceiling glass windows and a beautiful European crystal Chandelier that adds to an amazing wedding venue with stone fireplaces and a balcony overlooking the beautiful golf course, and I am very excited to be working there this fall for Kayla & Justin's wedding.

If you're looking for an elegant venue and will have up to 300 guests, please call Emily Fate at the Raveneaux at 281-320-6009 or email at will be glad you did.

I am happy to share some of the photos and a little about how Kayla & Justin got engaged. Enjoy!

As Aggies, it only seems fitting that Kayla and Justin met while tailgating for the greatest University in the world – Texas A&M. Kayla’s roommate at the time went to high school with Justin, and she happened to see him walking past the tailgate she and Kayla were attending. She called out to Justin and he sauntered over to the group of girls full of attitude. Kayla’s immediate reaction was that he looked like a frat daddy due to his outfit of choice and general nonchalance attitude he exhibited. They were able to get to know each other a little more through a friends’ ring dunk, and the rest is history!

Just 9 months after they started dating, Justin decided he needed to put a ring on it. He and Kayla went to Brennan’s in Houston for dinner with a few friends for a ‘fancy meal’- something they all thoroughly enjoy. The entire night Justin was very calm and gave no hints of what he was up to. As the night was drawing to a close, and Kayla was ready to get home, Justin started acting a little odd. Kayla went to the bathroom and when she came back she noticed that their friends were no longer there. Justin tried explaining that they had a fight and already went to the truck, but Kayla didn’t believe a second of that. She was starting to get restless, so Justin finally took her out on the back patio, got down on one knee, and asked her to be his wife. Luckily, Justin was able to get Kayla to wait long enough for their friends to be on the back patio ready to take a picture of the whole thing! They were greeted by a round of applause from people sitting in the bar, and the manager brought out some champagne to celebrate. It was an incredible moment!

I love this balcony overlooking the golf course at Raveneaux Country Club.

Kayla and Justin have had a lot of fun throughout the wedding planning process and can’t wait to start their lives together!

Raveneaux Country club has a golf course with an amazing view and perfect for bridal photos.

View of the balcony from the backyard lawn.

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