Family photo session in Galveston, TX - Tanya + Jordyn + Devyn, by Houston wedding photographer Fernando Weberich

It's been a while since I did my last family photo session, and I wanted to share a few photos of Tanya and her daughters. The photo session was done in Galveston, shooting with a Phase One IQ 180 on a sunny Tuesday Morning...7:00 am to be more precise :)

"The way that Fernando and I met was unique.  I was planning to be married and saw his pictures and immediately fell in love with his work.  Once I saw his photos in person, I had to have him.  However, my plans changed and I would not be married after all.  All of my life I have loved photographs and my entire house is decorated with family photos.  So Fernando agreed to shoot me and my girls.  In 2000, my family took pictures on the beach in Galveston when the girls were 15 months and 4 years old.  So we decided to go back there and my girls are now 16 and 19 years old.  They both play in the orchestra so we incorporated their instruments into the session, which was fantastic.  The day was perfect and so was the photo shoot.

Fernando is simply awesome with the camera and his ability to make you feel at ease with the process.  This was a once in a lifetime and will always be treasured.  Even though we started out with a different plan, this turned out to be the BEST!!  Thank you Fernando, from Tanya (mom), Devyn (19) and Jordyn (16).  Between the three of us, we will surely get some wedding photos one day!" Tanya White.