Gracie & Jared - A wedding ceremony and reception at House Plantation in Hockley, TX

A little about the couple:

Jared: The first time I met you, I was sitting at my desk working away when suddenly my coworker altered me that someone was at the door of my office. As I looked up and saw the pretty girl standing in my doorway, I knew this must be Gracie. Up until this point, I had only exchanged a few emails with you. At first sight, I knew you were special.


Gracie: The day before I met you, I was joking with my coworker about finding a cute boy at work. The day I met him, I had to stop by his office to deliver some letters. Up until this point, I had only exchanged a few emails with him. As I walked into your office doorway, I saw an older guy way out of my type. I was quickly disappointed, until that guy directed me to you. At first sight, I knew you were special.


Jared: I really wanted to ask you on a date very soon after I met you, but I had to play cool because you were my coworker. The anticipation of getting to know you better was slowly killing me.


Gracie: We finally started dating! I knew deep down that you could be “the one”. After several months, when I knew for sure, it was time to bring you home to meet my parents and other family.


Jared: I was very nervous to come to China for the first time, but also very excited to meet your parents. I was very lucky to find that your parents were so generous and welcoming of your foreign boyfriend. From the first time I met them, they treated me like family. After returning home, I had one thing on my mind – propose to you.


Gracie: I was the day after Christmas, and you told me that you had another Christmas present for me. You were acting funny, but I went with you. We arrived at the stunning waterfall park, where you dropped on one knee, presented a ring, and ask me to marry you. I could hardly remember the details, because I was so surprised and excited. All I remember was that you said “will you marry me”.


Jared: That was the most nerve-wracking experience of my life. I wasn’t afraid you would reject me, because our love for each other was so strong. Instead, I was nervous because I wanted the moment to be special and memorable for our whole lives.


Gracie: Today our love is as strong as ever, and we are so grateful to be able to join our families together through the bonds of marriage. Love does not only consist of gazing at each other, but of looking outwards in the same direction.


Jared: I look forward to all of the great things our future together holds. I look forward to growing old and grey together with you.