Kelli + Donny - A wedding at Ashton Gardens in Houston, TX

A little about Kelli and Donny, as written by Kelli:

Donny and I met through mutual friends at a bible study. The night we met was Halloween, and I arrived late wearing a spider-man hat and cookie monster shirt. I’d love to say it was love at first sight, but the love came later after we established a friendship and much respect for the other.

The proposal was incredible. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it was real life indeed. I was studying abroad in London the Fall semester of my senior year of college, and Donny was planning on flying up and visiting the last week I was there. Our families and friends knew Donny was coming up to propose a few months before he made the trip, but I was not expecting a proposal. Donny wrote me a beautiful poem and asked me to marry him while we were sitting on a bench in Hyde Park (my favorite place in London). I said yes, duh!

The wedding was a blast. Donny and I both had the best time and were thrilled to see everyone else enjoying the festivity. It was a joyous celebration of what God has brought together. Something funny that happened that only a few people know about is that I accidently got elbowed in the nose on the dance floor. It was very painful at the moment, but I now find it hilarious.

* Ashton gardens (wedding venue)
* Who Made the Cake (cake vendor)
* Debra’s Floral designs (flowers)
* LG Entertainment(DJ)

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