Jordan & Cody - A wedding at Chapelwood United Methodist & Houston Racquet Club

How you met/your love story? Cody and I met in class at the University of Alabama our sophomore year. I was the bookworm sitting front and center and he was the jock in the back of the room, but in between classes we always tended to talk. After a few brief conversations in the hallway, we ended up walking all the way across campus together when class ended. As we walked, Cody asked, "So you're in a sorority? Pi Phi, right?" When I told him yes, he casually mentioned that he had been to a few sorority date parties but had never enjoyed them. With Pi Phi's formal coming up and a cute boy in front of me, I casually told him how amazingly fun Pi Phi's parties were and that we just so happened to have a formal coming up. With a huge grin Cody said "Well, could you find me a date?" I grinned like a goofball back and said "Well actually, I need a date..." By the time Pi Phi formal actually came, we were "officially" dating!


Proposal story? Cody and I love spending time at my family's ranch in Hunstville, TX. In fact, we were there so much last summer that Cody wanted to invite his parents up "just to see the place!" Little did I know that his parents were coming so that they could join in on the celebration after Cody proposed. After visiting with our parents for awhile, Cody and I ventured over to the old tree-swing by the lake where Cody got down on one knee and popped the question! Of course our parents were in on the entire thing, so my mom was able to capture some great pictures from afar. We celebrated with champagne and cupcakes and went to a wonderful dinner with our families that night. My favorite part about the whole thing was how nervous Cody was - he could barely get the words out when he proposed, so he pulled me away later that night and told me all the sweet things he'd planned to say when he proposed but was too nervous to remember! 


Other info? Cody and I were married at Chapelwood United Methodist Church in Houston on March 14, 2015. I am currently in law school at the University of Houston Law Center (graduating May 2016) and Cody has signed with the Green Bay Packers as their punter. Being apart is difficult, especially as newlyweds, but we both support the other's dreams and goals and we are racking up on frequent flyer miles!


Fun fact? As a Texas girl, my dad only let me go to Alabama under two conditions - 1. You may not date a boy if he's not from Texas, and 2. You may absolutely NOT date a football player. Let's just say it was an interesting conversation when I called home to say I was dating a boy from Louisiana who punted for the Crimson Tide!