Shelby & Trevor - A wedding at Balmorhea Weddings and Events in Magnolia, TX

A little about the couple as told by Shelby:

How We Met:

I (Shelby) had been hired to work my first summer job along with friends at a dine-in movie theatre called Star Cinema Grill. It was set to open in my hometown of Sugar Land, but was not open yet, so I had to train at the location in Clear Lake for several weeks. On the very last day of training in Clear Lake, I was semi working alongside Trevor, but had not yet garnered the courage to talk to him throughout the day. Towards the end of this final shift, my friends and I were preparing food in the kitchen. I was filling hundreds of cups of ketchup, when I all of a sudden spilled ketchup everywhere. My friend started laughing and said "Wow, you're such a dumb Aggie", and Trevor followed up with "Oh wow, you're an Aggie too?". We started talking from there and the rest is history. At the time, I was 17 and a senior in high school, and Trevor was a Sophomore at A&M, so we did not start dating until I officially got up to A&M the next August.


How He Proposed:

Quick back story. Trevor had first told me he loved me on April 1st (April's Fool Day) during our first year of dating, so it has been a long running joke that "I will never be sure if he actually loves me" and "Eventually twenty years from now he'll say April Fools Day" we have always jokingly celebrated the big day because only he would accidentally say that on April's Fool Day!

He proposed in a barn outside of College Station with all of our closest family and friends...on April Fool's Day! His two older sisters had casually mentioned all taking photographs together to surprise their mom with on Mother's Day. Around March they mentioned it again and began to try to plan a day, eventually settling on Wednesday, April 1st since it was "the only day the photographer could meet up".I was still at A&M at the time and drove over to the barn to wait for everyone else. Trevor had just left work around 5, or so I thought, and was hurrying to meet his sisters and I at the barn for pictures. Once I arrived, one of his sisters had beaten me there and came to my car door to suggest we go inside of the barn to wait for the rest of the family - it was raining and we didn't want to stay out in the rain. We both started walking towards the barn (though in hindsight she was slowly grabbing keys and hairspray out of my hands and started to back away as we got closer), and once I stepped inside the barn, I saw Trevor standing right there in the middle. I was shocked...he had just gotten off of work, I'd talked to him on the phone and everything and swore he had just left! After the actual proposal, our closest family and friends from all over town and out of town walked into the barn to surprise me. We all talked, laughed, popped bottles of champagne, and celebrated the engagement!


Wedding Day:

We got married on a beautiful October day at Balmorhea Weddings and Events in Magnolia, Texas - beautiful venue on sprawling land with a pond, fields, trees, etc. and with beautiful weather. Our wedding style was a mixture of modern and elegant rustic, and our wedding colors were stormy, blush, and champagne/tan. Our ceremony was outdoors right in front of the pond and beneath several beautiful trees, and we were surrounded by our bridal party of 18 and our audience of about 175 guests. The ceremony was very short and simple, and intimate since we wrote our own vows. After the ceremony, our cocktail hour consisted of passed pulled pork tostada h'ordeuvres and wine. We began our reception with a fajita buffet (we had to stay true to ourselves because we LOVE mexican food) and a personal bowl of gourmet macaroni for the bride, special dances, toasts, and cake.We were very big on wanting our guests to attend a wedding they'd never really sit down for or forget, so we made sure there was a diverse playlist to get all guests up and dancing at all times.  From there we all danced the night away, ending with The Aggie War Hymn (which everyone loved considering it was very much an Aggie wedding), and a slightly drunken rendition of "Friends in Low Places" with everyone swaying and singing together - I would highly recommend this for the tail-end of weddings when people have a few drinks in their system. Our perfect day ended with a sparkler exit.



Fernando Weberich - Photography

CreativeHouse Motion - Videography

Tammy Allen - Cake

DJ Dave - DJ Services

Floral Designs by Cynthia - Florist

The Bloom Room - Table Decor

BridalMakeupMD - Hair and Makeup

Cafe Natalie - Caterer