Best places to take engagement and bridal photos in Houston, TX

Houston covers an area of more than 600 sq mi and this is a home to many landmarks and attractions that are well known all over the country. There are literally dozens of spots where professional Houston photographers can take engagement photos. From the beautiful old buildings to some amazing parks, Houston is the place where you can get the perfect engagement photos.

Most people will agree that a woman’s wedding day is one of the most special days of her life. That’s why this day should be immortalized with the perfect wedding album. If you are living in Houston area and you are planning to have a wedding, you will certainly need a professional Houston wedding photographer. However, bridal photo sessions are usually taken before the day of the wedding and on a different place than the one where the ceremony takes place. This is why you need to find a photographer that has taken photos and has knowledge in the best locations for a bridal photo session in Houston, TX. Houston is a beautiful big city with lots of interesting places – the historical buildings, the parks, museums and the areas close to Houston make this city the perfect setting for fantastic view and amazing photography. Good Houston wedding photographers will certainly know the best locations and how to use the most of these locations when it comes to photography. From my own personal experience I find these places to be one of the most attractive when it comes to bridal and engagement photo sessions in Houston.

The following is a list of places where people usually decide to take these kind of photos.

Only few people know that Hermann Park is actually the first public park in Houston. The park is named in honor of its donor –George Hermann who funded the construction of this park in 1914. Today, Hermann Park is one of the most visited parks in Houston. This is a place where you can find the usual running trails, picnic areas, rest areas etc. What make Hermann Park special are few unique features of this park. McGovern Lake for example is one of the places I enjoy visiting both privately and as part of my job. This eight acre lake with two islands populated by birds is an ideal spot for bridal photo session. Hermann Park is home to the Houston Zoo too. Besides these attractions, this park has dozens more places where you can take quality photos, but my favorite definitely is the Japanese Garden.

This area is the heart of the city. This is the place where you can find many of the Houston’s most popular attractions and of course this is the reason why many couples choose this area. One of these attractions is certainly Bayou Place a place where you can find many theaters, restaurants and bars and some amazing old architecture. I’ve made some fantastic photos in Downtown Houston because the photo session takes place in several locations and they all look very different. People who are looking for a more dressy photo session should definitely use Downtown Houston, and if you are one of the More Fun Kind, this is the place where the downtown Aquarium is located too.

Mercer Arboretum is truly a little spot of heaven. You can see dozens of different plants/flowers there and the staff that works in the arboretum is really dedicated to their job. The Arboretum is usually crowded with people so it’s better to take the bridal photo session early in the morning. This park can be divided in two areas. The first area is filled with trails that pass by swamps and this is where you can find the playground area too. Mercer is one of my personal favorites at least when it comes to bridal photography in Houston. There are many trails in this area that are surrounded by beautiful flowers. This is a great place to take photos because of the fountains and the landscape. You just can’t fail when taking photos with dozens of different kinds of flowers in the background.

You don’t have to go out of Houston in order to take photos in nature. Houston Arboretum and Nature Center is a real urban nature sanctuary where you can find all kind of plants and animals. It is amazing how different you will feel once you step inside this nature center. This place will make every couple relaxed and calm and this is one of the most important prerequisites for a good engagement photo session. This nature center has trails that are five miles long, so there is no doubt that every couple will find their own ideal spot.

If you want your engagement photos to be taken on the Texas Renaissance Festival you will have to wait for the opening because this festival lasts for a short period of time. There a lot of people in costumes and the surrounding is beautiful too. This Festival takes place in Plantersville, TX. On a normal day it will take one hour of drive from Downtown Houston to get there, but when the Festival is running, it will take a lot more, so plan accordingly.

The Museum of Fine Arts is located in the central part of the Houston’s Museum District. This is actually a complex of few buildings. It has several beautiful gardens and many couples find these gardens perfect for their engagement photos. Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens is certainly one of the favorite spots for Houston photographers.

This park is located in the Uptown district in Houston and the sculptural fountain takes the central place in this park. The fountain is surrounded with more than 100 Texas live oak trees. This place is popular backdrop for locals and tourists too and the fountain appears in several video projects.

William Marsh Rice University (Rice University) is located near the Houston Museum District. This is the favorite spot for many couples that met or simply studied at this university. Rice University is famous for the unique architectural style, the beautifully arranged gardens and overall the vastness of the space there. You can definitely take several interesting photos in completely different surroundings while you are there.

Although it may sound like a strange idea to take engagement photos at an airport you will probably realize that it makes perfect sense if your relationship was somehow linked with an airport. Maybe your partner was traveling often or he or she is from another city and used the airport. Of course, there are several other airports you can use but many couples say that William P. Hobby Airport is the perfect spot for a photo session because the staff is very friendly.

NRG Stadium is one of the biggest sport venues in Houston and couples (or at least one of the partners) who enjoy sport will be very pleased to have an engagement photo session right here. Make sure you have the adequate clothing and your photographer can start taking photos. There is a possibility to enter the areas which are usually reserved for the players or for the people working on the stadium but you will have to ask for permission.

Sabine Street Bridge is another excellent location for taking engagement photos in Houston, TX. It provides an amazing skyline view of Houston downtown. It is probably a good idea to take photos during sunset. If you are looking for another interesting angle you can capture the skate park in the background which is usually used by many skaters.

Now this is certainly something that you cannot find in every city. Houston is the home of a space center and you can enter this center by visiting the museum. Experienced photographers can take some amazing shots with spaceships and high tech equipment in the background. This is surely something that will remain original for many years in the future.

The Houston Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in the United States. There are dozens of different exotic animals living here. Visiting a zoo will instantly make anyone happier and this is the perfect location for taking engagement photos too. Find your favorite animals and take photos with them in the background. Don’t forget to find some exotic animals too because they will certainly spice up your photo album.

As we have mentioned before, Houston has dozens of interesting museums and the art car museum is one of the most popular among them. This museum is not attractive only for people who love cars because the interesting and fun car models you will find here won’t leave anyone indifferent. There are dozens of original cars so make sure you take photos with most of them.

Bear Creek Park is one of the most organized parks in Houston area and it is offering many amenities for families. It is located west of downtown Houston and although it is mostly used for picnics, people there often engage in different sport activities and leave their children on one of the many playgrounds.

Those who love history and are proud of their Texan heritage will surely enjoy this historical site. This site is located in LaPorte and it is a designated National Historic Landmark since 1960. The San Jacinto Monument takes dominated the area and young couples can take several photos from different angles while they are there. You can always use the museum battleship USS Texas as a background too.


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