Best wedding venues and reception halls in Houston, TX

After 5 years being a photographer in Houston area, I decided to write about a few wedding venues and reception halls that I had the chance to work at. Considering that Houston has hundreds of wedding venues, this list by no means is a list of my preferred venues, although you would be in very good hands in case you choose one. This list will be updated frequently, and it's just a small guide for couples who just got engaged and are planning their wedding.


Agave Road and Agave Real

Katy is a town located just 29 miles from Houston and it is definitely worth visiting Katy if you are headed to Agave Road and Agave Real. This beautiful wedding venue is nestled in an amazing setting of beautiful oaks in the southern part of Katy. It has both indoor and outdoor space available for the guests, so you should choose the one that is appropriate for the time of the year. Many people use the outdoor area to have a cocktail before the reception starts. In order to get to this area you will have to take a short walk on the beautiful stone walkways that give the impression like you are in a country villa. They can plan the whole wedding and almost everything (except the florist and photographer) is included in the package. The venue has professional staff and excellent choice of meals. This place is perfect for those who want to enjoy Tuscan-like setting on the most important day in their lives.

You can get more information about Agave Road and Agave Real go the following link or Call: 281-395-5070


Ashelynn Manor

Ashelynn Manor is located in the city of Magnolia – around 40 miles from downtown Houston and right next to The Woodlands. This is a specialized wedding venue offering full service. They have their own event coordinators, bridal coordinators and event wait staff. This place is offering both open air weddings and indoor weddings. The outdoor ceremony sites take place under oak trees and together with the plants and the beautiful paths will make anyone feel comfortable. They have several locations to choose from – on the top of a hill, in the yard etc. Ashelynn Manor also has a chapel built in an interesting old country style. The interior of this manor is equally impressive. Marble floors, huge columns and a beautiful staircase are some of the places where you can take great photos.

You can get more information about Ashelynn Manor go the following link or call: (281) 252-3355


Enchanted Cypress

This venue with a really interesting name is located 28 miles from downtown Houston. This five star award winning venue has full service and it can host more than 600 guests – more than enough for a big wedding. They surely have one of the best lighting and sound system in Houston area. Of course, this wouldn’t be important without a proper dance floor and this is another big plus for Enchanted Cypress because they have huge built-in dance floor. They can adjust the interior to the needs of the newlywed couple and they can take care for literally everything you need. The best part of this venue is the Enchanted Cypress Ballroom with custom-made chandeliers and decorations made of bronze and gold. The guests enter the ballroom by walking down a red carpet and through the foyer between tall trees with beautiful lanterns on them. This is a truly unique place perfect for good photography.

If you want to find out more about Enchanted Cypress visit their website or call: (281) 826-0505


Raveneaux Country Club

Although this country club is located just 20 miles from downtown Houston, once you are there you will get a feeling like you are hundreds miles away from all the noise in Houston. Raveneaux Country Club is located on a beautiful location in the Champion Forest in Spring. The amazing views, tasty cuisine and experienced staff will help you reach your goal – a great wedding – in the easiest way. Although the capacity is around 300 guests, this club is welcoming couples with lower number of guests too. They have an experienced catering specialist with dozens of weddings behind her and she will help you organize everything properly. They also allow outside vendors to take care of your needs. It is worth mentioning that this club was founded in 1979 and it was renovated in 2009. The best part of Raveneaux Country Club is the ballroom with a stunning stone fireplace and beautiful chandelier that will certainly provide fantastic ambiance. The best place for taking photos is the outdoor balcony because of the amazing views.

To find out more about Raveneaux Country Club visit their official website on the following link or call: (281) 370-6370


Bentwater Yacht Club

People who love nature will certainly be fascinated by this place. Bentwater Yacht Club is located between the beautiful Houston National Forest and the amazing Lake Conroe. Besides serving as a yacht club and a golf club this is a place where some of the most exclusive weddings in Texas take place. Bentwater Yacht Club offers several ceremony locations and several wedding packages that can fit everyone’s needs. Regardless of your style and needs, the professional staff of this beautiful club will help you achieve what you want. The quality of this place is confirmed by many positive online reviews found on the internet. Since this place is all about the location, if the weather allows try to host an outdoor ceremony. They have beautiful gazebos with stunning views. In case you are wondering how the place looks like you can also take the virtual tour on their website.

You can get more information about Bentwater Yacht and Golf Club on the following link or call: (936) 597-6219


Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs is located in Greater Houston or Magnolia to be more precise. This wedding venue consists of one large building and a large back lawn with many trees. The back lawn has a modified fountain that looks like a creek and most of the trees are pine trees. Some amazing photos can be taken here if you have the right Houston wedding photographer. This is actually a farmland area so you can expect quiet and peace no matter which period the year you choose for your big day. This venue has a large parking that will suit the needs of a big wedding too.

This is a wooden building ad you can feel the scent of nature and wood even when you are inside. It has a beautiful staircase and a large ballroom. Even the bride and groom ready rooms are spacious. When we add the excellent food and lighting we can say that this venue is the perfect option for those who are looking quality at relatively low price.

You can get more information about Crystal Springs on the following link or call: (281) 259-8455



This multifunctional event venue is used mostly for weddings. It is located on 2840 Chimney Rock Road in Houston. It has been renovated recently and you can notice the new glow from the moment you step inside the beautiful building. The perfect location for taking wedding photos is in the beautiful courtyard with stone columns. Many reviews confirm that the bridal suite is better than almost all other suites in Houston area. The venue is offering full package which includes food and bar too and this is probably the best idea because the food is great and the prices of the drinks is acceptable. Dukessa’s interior resembles Italian Villa ambiance which means classy furnishings and elegant look. Guests can use the wine room for cocktails. They also have a dining room upstairs where guests can enjoy the beautiful view on the outside landscape.

You can get more information about Dukessa on the following link or call: (832) 982-4852


Ella’s Garden

Many people say that a wedding in Texas must include some country charm if you want to be successful. Ella’s Garden is certainly the place where you can find a lot of charm like that. Although they are offering full packages you can bring some of your stuff like decorations for example if you arrange that with the managers. This venue can host a maximum of 150 persons. It has both indoor and outdoor space suitable for a wedding ceremony. Although they are offering catering you can use an outside vendor too. If you have the chance you should choose the garden as your primary venue for the wedding day because it looks very beautiful and you will certainly get some beautiful photos if you use this part of the estate.

You can get more information about Ella’s Garden on the following link or call: (281) 290-0998


La Tranquila Ranch

This multiple award winning venue is located in Tomball, around 20 minutes drive from downtown Houston. La Tranquila Ranch has two separate venues and we are sure that people with different styles and needs will find both of them perfectly. The Villa has a capacity of 150 guests while the Ballroom has a capacity of 300 guests. Although they are offering full service, outside caterers and vendors are welcomed and this is another advantage of using this venue because a lot of people have their own vendors and caterers. No matter where you decide to hold your wedding, La Tranquila Ranch will surprise you with its elegancy and with the fact that this venue is so inexpensive. The staff of La Tranquila Ranch is very professional and they will make sure all the guests have a pleasant stay at their venue during the whole day.

If you want to find out more about La Tranquila Ranch visit their website or call: (281) 576-8882


Las Velas

From the moment you step on this venue you will feel like you are back in the 18th century right inside one of the most exclusive villas at the time. Las Velas is located in Houston and it is considered to be on of the most exclusive wedding venues in this area. Impressive fountains, beautiful stonework decorations, relaxing gardens are some of the things you can find on this venue. It has a maximum capacity of 250 guests. Las Velas is a real oasis in the center of Houston. The ballroom has a three-room layout and two impressive outdoor courtyards. Everything inside and outside of the venue is decorated in a way that will certainly make every guest feel the romance everywhere around. After all, the name of this venue is Las Velas meaning The Candles in Spanish. The staff is incredibly helpful and your guests won’t feel that they miss anything while they are there.

If you want to find out more about Las Velas visit their website or call: (713) 977-5773


Noah's event venue

Although this venue is relatively new it has already gained popularity thanks to the fantastic service and the beautiful location. It has a capacity of 400 guests but it’s up to the couple whether they will choose a intimate wedding or more extravagant wedding. The modern look of this venue can certainly create a beautiful relaxed atmosphere. One might think that such a beautiful modern venue will cost much but that’s not the case with Noah’s event venue. They have several reception rooms and it is up to the newlyweds to choose which one they will use. The whole focus of Noah’s event venue staff is to create pleasant atmosphere and make everyone feel relaxed. You can bring your own vendors, florists, photographers without any problem. People who love to hold a ceremony in a new place will find Noah’s event venue ideal.

If you want to find out more about Noah’s event venue visit their website or call: (832) 451.7201


Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club

This wedding venue is located in Richmond and it has reception facilities that can accommodate around 300 people. The back veranda provides an amazing view of the golf course. The traditional architecture used in this venue gives the guests a warm feeling. The foyer is spacious and the incredible spiral staircase that leads to the second floor ballroom is great for wedding photography. There are several menu choices and what they all have in common are the low prices. The event managers are here to make sure that the guests receive their food and drinks in a timely manner. They also have a bridal and groom room so they can change their outfit easily. If you choose this venue, one thing is for sure – you and your guests will feel special. Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club is a little bit far from Houston but it is definitely worth visiting.

If you want to find out more about Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club visit their website or call: (281) 342-9940


Pecan Springs

Pecan Springs by The Springs Events was established in 2011 but thanks to the beautiful venue and excellent staff they had they soon became one of the most popular wedding venues in greater Houston area. Rustic, elegant and classy are the three words that can describe the setting on this venue. They allow bringing your own vendors although they have their own full service. One of the best things about Pecan Springs are the stunning Hill Country views and those who choose this venue for their special day should definitely take some photos with these views in the background. The outdoor ceremony site is connected with the rest of the property with a beautiful stone bridge (another good photo location). This venue can accommodate up to 320 guests and it is equipped with all the necessary amenities and services.

If you want to find out more about Pecan Springs by The Springs Events visit their website at or call: (832) 547-3647


Royal Oaks Country Club

Royal Oaks Country Club is the oldest country club in Houston. It is located close to Wilcrest Avenue and Richmond Avenue. It looks like the architects took care of every aspect of this club’s appearance. Outdoors you can enjoy the incredible golf course views and some beautiful waterfalls while indoor you can enjoy the Italian inspired architecture and beautiful décor. This venue is suitable for big and small weddings too. Those who would love to have a luxurious wedding ceremony will definitely like this place. But it’s not just the appearance of this venue that makes it excellent for your wedding. The staff is professional, friendly and very helpful and this is another big advantage for this venue. If the weather allows we suggest holding your ceremony outside.

To find out more about Royal Oaks Country Club visit their official website on the following link or call: (281) 899-3200


Safari Texas Ranch

Safari Texas Ranch is located in Richmond. This wedding venue will satisfy the needs of every nature lover because you can witness the natural beauty of this region. Unlike other venues which usually have 2-3 ballrooms, Safari Texas Ranch has 7 ballrooms with different capacities – they can accommodate between 50 and 1.000 guests. They are offering full service and allow outdoor vendors too. There are many different menu packages so we are sure that everyone can find something according to their budget. Another thing that other wedding venues don’t have and Safari Texas Ranch has is the animals. Your guests will be surprised to see zebras, peacocks and some other animals on this ranch. You can make some great photos with these animals. If you choose this venue you will certainly get the great rustic Texas nature feel and this is something you will never forget.

To find out more about Safari Texas Ranch visit their official website on the following link or call: (281) 277-7888


Sweetwater Country Club

This is another great wedding venue located in one of the most beautiful natural settings in Houston. Sweetwater Country Club is located in Sugar Land just 20 minutes drive from downtown Houston. They have a specialized Ceremony and reception facility that provides exceptional service. The facilities can definitely help the newlyweds get a romantic ambiance on their special day. The facilities are elegant and classy. They have several wedding packages which can be adjusted on request. This means that you can get a package tailored just for your needs. Most of the packages include full open bar, valet parking, seated gourmet meals, butlered Hors D’Oeuvres etc. If you are in a dilemma whether this place is the right or not ask the staff to draw back the curtains in the ballroom and the fantastic view you will get will certainly help you out find the answer.

To find out more about Sweetwater Country Club visit their official website on the following link or call: (281) 980-4100


The Vineyards of Waverly Manor

There is a great chance that you have not heard about the town of New Waverly but once you visit it you will certainly want to come back again. The Vineyards of Waverly Manor is located in New Waverly and it is nestled on a 100 acre ranch. The classic plantation style look manor and the beautiful garden with a white gazebo in it have the capability to satisfy the needs of the pickiest guests. The gazebo is located on the edge of a lake and this is the location where you can get some memorable photos. Although the ballroom is great we suggest you hold your ceremony outside in the picturesque ranch. The Vineyards of Waverly Manor has its own catering but you can choose your own if you want. You can even make a combination of some service that you will use with them.

To find out more about The Vineyards of Waverly Manor visit their official website on the following link or call: (936) 344-2227


The Woodlands Country Club

Amazing golf course views and exclusive privacy are the first two things you will notice once you enter this country club. The Woodlands Country Club is located around 30 miles from downtown Houston. Both indoor and outdoor ceremony options are available and they are accommodating receptions from 50 to 350 guests. The venue itself is designed in a traditional classic style and it is very intimate because you get the whole venue for yourself. You can watch an open golf course through the glass windows from the reception area. The catering is offered in-house and many people have positive comments about the food served in this country club.

To find out more about The Woodlands Country Club visit their official website on the following link or call: (281) 863-1433