Houston wedding photographers - Why choose Fernando Weberich?

Congratulations! You are heading down the aisle. Now the fun begins, and locating one of Houston’s best wedding photographers is high on your list of priorities. With years of experience on the Houston wedding circuit, Fernando Weberich Wedding Photography is a team of experts at documenting the entire wedding ceremony from beginning to end. We even capture those special “behind the scenes” moments between members of the wedding party, the parents of the bride and groom, and the many invited guests as they enter into the church and reception hall for the cherished event.

From simple ceremonies of only your close friends and relatives to more elaborate wedding celebrations with several hundred invited guests, our expert Houston wedding photographers will arrive early and professionally attired, allowing us to blend in and capture each precious moment in lasting imagery of remarkable color and clarity. From the beginning wedding procession of the bride in that perfectly chosen wedding gown to the romantic first kiss as husband and wife, every precious memory will be caught forever on film without drawing attention away from the beautiful bride and handsome groom.

Fernando Weberich Wedding Photography works hard to put your invited guests at ease. We all have family members who are somewhat self-conscious about having their picture taken, but our team of expert photographers makes the entire event effortless and pain free. We’ll capture all of those inspiring moments on film, and your guests will be none the wiser.

And even the best planned weddings have those spontaneous, special moments of hilarity, of surprised exuberance, and of sweet, loving tenderness that are so often missed by less experienced shutterbugs. That’s what makes us one of Houston’s best wedding photographers. We “expect the unexpected” and make sure to capture all of those one-of-a-kind moments on film, not just the wedding ceremony itself.

Fernando Weberich is also your Top Choice for Houston engagement photos, those posed images that will be used for online wedding announcements, newspaper articles, and Facebook postings. We can even help you to create the perfect online catalogue of selected photos for easy viewing by those friends and family members who were unable to attend the wedding ceremony.

Of course, we also have expertise in high quality audiovisual services, capturing the entire celebration on high resolution video for all eternity. We only use the highest quality equipment while utilizing the latest advancements in video technology. Let Fernando Weberich Wedding Photography take care of all of your wedding photography needs by a professional team of top rated professional photographers and videographers, including the initial engagement photos, the wedding video, and the posed wedding portraits of the entire wedding party after the ceremony.

Your wedding day celebration is going to result in a mixture of emotions from your wedding party, family and invited guests. And the Bride and Groom are going to experience a wide range of emotions as well. You will have moments of joy, surprise, anticipation, and perhaps even a bit of nervousness. But the last thing that you need is to feel frustrated by an inexperienced photographer who is always under foot. For one of Houston’s best wedding photographers that is guaranteed to capture every detail of your long awaited wedding day, call Fernando Weberich Wedding Photography today!