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frequently asked questions

Okay...I loved it...need to have it...How much should I invest in my wedding pictures?

That really depends on the significance that your wedding photos will have for you and your family.  A good average would be 10-15% of your total wedding budget.  Many clients allocate a larger amount towards their photography.  Just remember that after the wedding day, your photographs are what will remain as memories of that day.  Which means they should be nothing less than spectacular!

Can you give us an idea about your packages and prices?

I have basic packages for engagement sessions, bridal portraits, your wedding day and almost anything you can imagine that comes with any of those.  In other words, bring your ideas with you and we’ll put together the best package for you, both in what is included and the price thereof.

Tell us about your photography style.

Think about it this way: If your photos capture YOU, then you will know that they are YOUR style.  And that is MY style.  It’s based on capturing real moments and the joy within them.  Some people call it photojournalism...I simply call it real life.

So, why should we choose you?

Because every time you look through your wedding album afterwards, you will remember how much you laughed and smiled simply because you will laugh and smile all over again, reliving your wedding day each time you open the cover to your album.  Because the passion I have for my work will capture YOUR passion…your joy, your love, your beginning as a new family.  And because you would not want anything less than the best record of THIS day, your wedding day.

Why do you say that the photographer's personality is important?

Well, just remember that you are going to be spending the happiest and most emotional day of your life with your photographer.  So he should be someone that you feel comfortable with, someone who knows when to help and when to be invisible.

What happens after the wedding?

You will have an amazing honeymoon!  And when you get back, our work together will continue as we finish selecting your wedding images and putting together your wedding album.  Then, hopefully, our relationship will continue long after that...after all, my aim is to be your photographer throughout all stages of your family life.

I hate posing for photos. Will I have to pose?

I know, I hate posing as well.  Often, it just doesn’t feel natural, don’t you think?  So, don’t worry…I’ll make sure it’s as painless as possible.  Most of the time, you probably won’t even know I’m there…

But everyone is always smiling in your photos.  Surely, you ask them to smile, right?

Remember those posed photos we talked about?  You know what they look like…and you know how it looks when a candid photo is shot.  No, I don’t ask my clients to smile, but they DO look like they’re having fun, don’t they?  That’s because they ARE having fun.  I won’t ask you to smile, but I can capture those moments that you do, and I can assist in making you smile…

So that means that you engage whoever you're photographing?

During a photo session, absolutely.  But at any other time (the ceremony, exchange of vows/rings, etc) I’ll be almost invisible.

Do you take posed photos as well?

For the most part, I capture moments, instead of detract from them by stopping everything to pose groups.  But I also know the value of getting great shots of you with your loved ones.  So when we meet together to customize your package, this is something that we can discuss in order for me to photograph your wedding day according to your needs and desires.

How should I dress?

Vibrant colors, solids and textures that complement you well are excellent choices.  But don’t over-think it...the most important thing to remember is to wear something that you feel comfortable in as well and that is YOU.

Do you take digital photos?


Do you travel to other parts of the country?

Absolutely! I also travel to other countries!

Do you also do video?

My primary work is with still photography, but we work in partnership with the best and most affordable videographers in Houston, TX.

So, what do I need to contract you?

A signed contract and an initial payment will reserve your date.  Event dates are reserved according to the date a contract was signed.  So don’t put off reserving your wedding day!  Some dates are reserved well in advance.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Just send an e-mail to "info@fernandoweberich.com" or call  (832) 496-4033.  I would love to talk to you and discuss the details of your wedding day.     Fernando Weberich